Every great story begins with a setting. A sense of place. A feeling. A mood.

Maybe it’s a wooded glade turning maple-red in fall, a postage stamp island in briny waves, or the granite shards of Maine’s coast – wherever gives you that sense of place, we can make it happen. Against any odds, we’ll raise a tent and build the setting for your story to begin.

Sport & Tournament Events
Road Races & Walks
Concert & Festivals


Medical & Emergency Response
Construction & Groundbreaking
Long-term Solutions

A tent for every occasion. 

Our selection of fully-customizable tent styles and sizes gives you the freedom to curate your space and create an atmosphere for any occasion. Tenting softens the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, allowing your guests to align with nature while remaining sheltered. Choose between Sailcloth, High Peak Pole, Frame, and Structure with dozens of options to customize and personalize your choice.