Wallace Events Team

Ben Knight, Operations Manager
Ben Knight
Operations Manager
Brian Spencer, President / Co-Owner
Brian Spencer
President / Co-Owner
DJ Lewis, Project Supervisor
DJ Lewis
Project Supervisor
Jake Taylor, Vice-President / Co-Owner / General Manager
Jake Taylor
Vice-President / Co-Owner / General Manager
John Dall, Sales Manager
John Dall
Sales Manager
Lee Smith, Soft Goods Manager
Lee Smith
Soft Goods Manager
Mallory King, Event Consultant
Mallory King
Event Consultant
Scott Swett, Logistics Manager
Scott Swett
Logistics Manager
Stephen Cowles, Project Supervisor
Stephen Cowles
Project Supervisor
Tammy Mann, Event Consultant
Tammy Mann
Event Consultant
Tyler Gilbert, Event Consultant
Tyler Gilbert
Event Consultant
Tyler Palmer, Operations
Tyler Palmer
Victor Chan, Business Manager
Victor Chan
Business Manager

One Stop Event Rentals Team

Brian Day, Lead Tent Foreman
Brian Day
Lead Tent Foreman
Celine Landry, Event Consultant & Media Manager
Celine Landry
Event Consultant & Media Manager
Chrysta Coulombe, Assistant General Manager & Director of Sales
Chrysta Coulombe
Assistant General Manager & Director of Sales
Crystal Gordon, General Manager
Crystal Gordon
General Manager
Elena Poulin, Linen Lead
Elena Poulin
Linen Lead
Kyle Carter, Logistics Coordinator
Kyle Carter
Logistics Coordinator
Lacey Borders, Event Consultant
Lacey Borders
Event Consultant
Mary Green, Event Consultant
Mary Green
Event Consultant
Rachelle Bourgault, Director of Operations
Rachelle Bourgault
Director of Operations
Scott Colson, Warehouse Manager
Scott Colson
Warehouse Manager
Tammy Haskell, Event Consultant
Tammy Haskell
Event Consultant